Canadian euthanasia and assisted suicide statistics are difficult to accurately report because medical professionals are not correctly recording it.

More than 1300 killed since euthanasia was legalized in June 2016.

(As of April 2017) However, up to date data on assisted suicide in Canada has not been accurately recorded. The numbers are probably higher.

In comparison with the euthanasia capital of the world, the Netherlands: The Netherlands recently reported that there were 6091 reported assisted deaths in 2016 representing 4% of all deaths. Based on the current number of assisted deaths, it is possible that Canada will surpass the Netherlands and Belgium.

The "terminally ill" extends to people with disabilities & mentally ill.

The euthanasia lobby in Canada are pressuring to have euthanasia extended to people with mental illness, people who are under 18 and for people who are incompetent, but who stated in their power of attorney document that they would want to die by euthanasia.

In bill C-384, it is stated that the person asking for assisted suicide must be “mentally competent”. However, someone who is suicidal is not mentally competent.

14% of the assisted deaths in Quebec did not comply with the law.

According to the Québec government’s first year report,14% of the assisted deaths did not comply with the law.

Canadian study sees euthanasia as a way to save $138 million dollars.

A study was published explaining that up to 138 million dollars can be saved by euthanasia.

Doctor's Conscious Rights are Not Protected

Doctors in Ontario who do not want to participate in killing their patients are being forced to do so by the government. Many doctors are planning to leave the province if their conscious rights are denied.

Euthanasia is being used specifically to harvest organs.

Canadian bioethicists are promoting euthanasia specifically for the purposes of organ donation.

40% of assisted deaths are not being reported internationally.

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (March, 2015) found that more than 40% of the assisted deaths were not reported in 2013 in Belgium.